• What are the benefits of auto detailing my vehicle?

    Auto detailing is probably the best and most valuable maintenance program for your vehicle. Car detailing is an important single process that covers a wide variety of techniques and products which, to get the best results, require considerable skill to apply. It is considered an efficient renovation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle to keep it working in good condition.

  • Where do you do this?

    As we are mobile, we can do the job at your home or office if there is electricity and water outlet available. If you do not have enough space at your house or you can’t get your vehicle detailed at your place for any reason, we can also do the job for you at our garage.

  • How long does it take to detail my car?

    A FULL DETAIL, typically requires 6 hours, while an INTERIOR or EXTERIOR ONLY DETAIL requires only around 4-5 hours. Please allow more time for pickup trucks and SUVs. We will give you a better timeframe once we complete your pre-cleaning checklist.

  • Can you remove bad odors from my car?

    In most cases yes. We can provide you with more information about that upon inspection.

  • What is your service area?

    We provide auto detailing and mobile car detailing service in Melbourne region only.

  • Do you service fleet vehicles?

    Yes, we would be glad to design a program to meet your specific requirements.

  • When is the most critical time to get my car detailed?

    Don’t forget the winter months are the most crucial time to detail due to the rapid changes in temperature, road construction, salt and other elements that are especially hard on your vehicles exterior. Not to mention that the Magnesium Chloride they are using on the roads these days is proving to be even more harmful than we thought to the exposed surfaces of your car. While it’s easy to rationalise that “it’s just going to get dirty again anyway”, properly applied sealant is your only defence!

  • How often should a vehicle be detailed?

    At least thrice per year. Detailing has proven to be effective in getting you a better resale/trade-in price. So, if you are planning on selling/trading your car, make sure to have it detailed within a week of selling/trading it.

    It is usually when selling a vehicle that most people consider detailing. But, by that time (an average of 5 years) the vehicle has too much wear and tear to restore it to a like new condition. That’s why we urge our customers to think of auto detailing as a maintenance program the same as changing the fluids, getting a tune-up or rotating the tires. Most people don’t realize that in most cases, it is less expensive to replace the engine than to replace a “factory paint job”! We recommend at least 1 to 3 times a year depending on your driving and car washing habits and how you store your vehicle. Is it parked inside or outside most of the time? Do you wash it every other day or maybe only once a month?  Do you spend so much time in your vehicle that you feel like it’s your home? These are just some of the determining factors that we consider in recommending what maintenance schedule is best for you.

  • What if it rains right after you detail my car?

    We monitor the weather daily and if there is inclement weather in the forecast, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to re-schedule.

  • How do I pay?

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  • Do I have to sign a service agreement?

    No. However, for the protection of all parties, we do provide you with the checklist which states any damage, paint chipping or any other damage that needs to be considered before performing the job.

  • Do you have service packages available if I want my vehicle detailed more often?

    Yes, after your first detailing, we would be glad to design an auto detailing maintenance plan specifically for your vehicle.

  • What are your hours?

    During this season, we schedule appointments from 8:00am- 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    You can book online or call us.

  • What if I'm running late for my appointment?

    When you know you will be delayed, please call us as we may be able to accommodate you, depending on our schedule any given day. If you are more than 15 minutes late without phoning us, we will consider your appointment a no-show.

  • What happens if I need to re-schedule my appointment or I forget my appointment?

    Appointments may be re-scheduled online with at least 12 hours of notice.

    We send reminders to all appointments the day before, as well as sending you a text message an hour prior to your appointment.

  • How do I cancel my appointment?

    If you know you cannot make your appointment, that you need to cancel, please call 0475 065 849 and let us know 12 hours before the job.

  • What if I need a service that is not listed?

    Simply contact us, and we’ll create a custom package to suit your needs.

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